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BRAVE Acronym

Be Responsible
1. Turn in work and keep up with deadlines.
2. Maintain a clean and organized workspace (desk, binder, locker, and bookbag).
3. Bring all needed supplies to class (without having to return to a locker).
4. When absent, ask for work that is missed.
1. Use respectful language (body and verbal) with teachers and classmates.
2. Respect each others' opinions (sometimes need to agree to disagree).
3. Respect the school environment by keeping it clean and not participating in vandalism.
1. Complete all assignments on time.
2. Complete all make-up work when absent.
3. Participate fully in class and in group activities.
4. Strive for good attendance and do your best to avoid tardies and early dismissals.
1. Keep getting good grades a priority.
2. Be kind to others and make sure that they know you appreciate them.
3. Display good manners and ethical behavior at all times.
1. Set goals and strive to meet them.
2. Don't settle for less than your best.
3. Be a good role model for others in words and in actions.