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PBIS stands for Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports.  It is a program that we have had at Gamewell Middle School for over 15 years and it has helped GMS to gain various levels of recognition from the NC Department of Education for our decrease in behavioral incidents. The program consists of students being taught behavioral expectation lessons and are in turn, given opportunities for rewards for positive behaviors, and steps for redirection for students who don't meet the behavioral expectations. Every student at GMS has a behavioral matrix that we use to document their behavioral incidents so that we can work individually with them to change or limit the behaviors that are causing them to get into trouble. 
The PBIS program uses tickets as our way to reward students for positive behavior. The tickets can be used on our weekly/bi-weekly PBIS cart that comes around to classrooms. Individual teachers use PBIS tickets for classroom rewards/privileges (free seating, etc). Students may also submit PBIS tickets to special drawings or silent auctions that occur around Christmas time and throughout the school year to win or "purchase" prizes.