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Mrs. Hatfield, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Hatfield

Portrait of Mrs. Hatfield.


Phone: 8287546204


Degrees and Certifications:

Middle School Education
Appalachian State University

School Leadership
Appalachian State University.

Experience I have been in education for 17 years. From 2006 until 2017, I taught middle school math and/or science. For the last 6 years, I have been serving in an administrative role. All of my educational career, except one year, has been in a middle school setting. To say that I enjoy this pivotal age group is an understatement. My Bachelors and Masters Degrees are in Middle School Education from Appalachian State University. I obtained my Graduate Certificate in School Leadership in 2015 from Appalachian State University. Returning to Gamewell Middle School brings excitement and high expectations as a former student and teacher of this great community.

Favorite Educational Quote and Why

The highest goal of human endeavor is moral character.' - Ernst Thalmann

This quote is important to me because I believe that in my role, I am tasked with helping others to build the character that will provide the skills to develop into happy, healthy, and productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Why I Became An Educator

Education was not my first option, but it became my destiny. I went into education because I received a scholarship to become a teacher, Teaching Fellows. Honestly, others saw something in me that I had not recognized in myself. I followed this path and it quickly became my passion. In return, I am an advocate for young adolescents and middle-grade philosophy.


Favorite Places in Caldwell County

I enjoy visiting The Broyhill Walking Park for the beautiful scenery and atmosphere.


Favorite Activities

I enjoy spending time with my family, whether it is hanging out, vacationing, or going on cruises. Any time together is a great time!